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thermocouple welder are devices that create a small voltage across the junction between two dissimilar metals when one has a different temperature than the other.Accurate temperature measurement during high speed welding, especially electron beam welding, is a daunting challenge due to the fast rate at which heat sources move. A thermocouple’s inherent response lag cannot keep up with this rapid shift in local instantaneous temperature, making accurate readings impossible.

HotSpot II

HotSpot II is the newest generation capacitive discharge welder that provides a simple, effective solution to thermocouple fabrication and temperature sensing applications. It enables thermocouple wire pairs to be formed into freestanding beads or directly welded on fixturing hardware or metal surfaces for improved adhesion and longevity.Thermocouple junctions can be quickly and easily installed, saving time, money, and effort. Plus, these welds boast high repeatability with results that exceed even the most exacting specifications.DCC’s HotSpot II is a portable capacitive discharge welding unit that offers an affordable, quick solution for thermocouple fabrication and attachment. It can easily accommodate freestanding bead or surface welded thermocouple junctions with wire pairs up to #14 gauge as well as light duty spot welding or stud welding as part of wire harness attachment insulation blanket installation.Standard 120 VAC power is needed, and Argon gas can be used with or without it for welding. Argon acts as a shield protecting the welding area from atmospheric contaminants. An LED heat indicator displays how much power is being applied during welding and can easily be adjusted for different wire sizes and types.On the front panel of the unit, controls are located. A range switch selects the voltage at which energy storage capacitors are charged and a power level control sets their peak voltage. Stored energy is proportional to square root of capacitor voltage.When a thermocouple weld is initiated, its capacitors are rapidly charged to a high level and then discharged. The cycle time for this operation is less than one second, even at full power.Its compact and lightweight design make it perfect for on-the-go work. Easily carried in a tool bag, users can perform an array of tasks while on their feet – such as sending emails, uploading files, conducting internet research or playing video games.thermocouple welder can be performed manually or automatically; the manual mode being the preferred choice. The AUTO/MAN button controls the flow of Argon gas during welding.

HotSpot Plus

HotSpot Plus is our most powerful unit and can handle wire pairs up to #12 gauge or studs lighter than #10. You can initiate welding discharge using either the button on the hand control, an optional foot control, or a traditional button located on the face of the unit.Temperature-couples can also be formed directly from standard wire types and gauges as free-standing or surface mounted junctions, eliminating the need to twist or clamp them together. This saves money on expensive sensor mounting solutions while giving greater versatility in field or shop use.Thermocouple generation and attachment can be completed in one step, saving time, expense, and labor. Welding thermocouples onto any size or shape of work – even parts with complex shapes or curves – opens up a world of possibilities for applications such as general temperature tests or heater control sensors for specialized tasks.A high-current pulse is sent through the wires to be joined, maintaining an arc until the thermocouple terminal touches. This creates an electrical signal which is detected by the thermocouple sensor and indicates what temperature it’s at.This electrical signal is stored in energy storage capacitors that are controlled by the front panel power range switch and control knob. As you turn the knob to a higher setting, it causes the capacitor to be charged to higher voltage levels; this increases stored energy and allows the welder to discharge more power than usual if its control knob had been turned to a lower position.Once the energy storage capacitors are full, an internal sounder and LED lights on the front panel will signal that the unit is ready for a new welding cycle. This function helps conserve battery energy during portable operation while reducing wasteful overuse of electricity.The energy stored in capacitors is proportional to the square of the voltage at set point of a power range switch. Furthermore, this energy remains constant – never fully charged or depleted until you move the control knob up a higher setting.

HotSpot Pro

T-Mobile’s Samsung LTE Mobile HotSpot Pro (model SM-V100T) provides speedy cellular Internet and can double as a charger/juice pack for other devices. Plus, this device functions like a computer in itself with its 1.2 GHz processor and 4 GB of internal storage.HotSpot Pro supports the latest generation of cellular technology, including C-band and mmWave 5G networks. Enjoy HD movies without interruption, download files quickly, and hold video chats without losing connection – all thanks to this advanced connectivity!This 2.2-inch QVGA screen displays signal strength, connected clients, battery level, data meter and any awaiting text messages. Furthermore, it has bidirectional charging that charges the hotspot’s internal battery from its external power source – making this a true multifunction device.This thermocouple welder is perfect for creating free standing thermocouple beads, attaching simple fixturing hardware, or performing light pin, stud, or spot welding tasks. It’s user friendly, portable, and capable of handling wire pairs up to #12 gauge with ease.A welded junction produces a more accurate thermocouple than twisting or clamping alone, taking only seconds to switch from standard TC wire to the bead-welded thermocouple system, eliminating costly surface preparation and operator skill required for traditional attachment methods.The front panel provides energy adjustment control, a dual 2-position energy range switch and welding discharge via hand or foot switch. A visual indicator alerts operators when a new cycle starts and recycles after every weld to conserve battery capacity.You can adjust the amount of thermal energy used for different thermocouple wire sizes and materials using this control. It can be powered directly from AC line or from a gel type battery, which stores energy for off-line operation. The capacitor voltage can be varied between 15V and 80V, with each cycle releasing pulses equal to its highest power setting since discharge.The hotspot employs a step-down transformer to run from AC power or provide off-line energy. Its rechargeable battery can store several hundred welds and is automatically charged when connected to AC power.

HotSpot Lite

The HotSpot Lite thermocouple welder are portable devices that can be used to form freestanding beads or directly bond thermocouple wires to metal surfaces for temperature sensing, eliminating the need for clamps, brackets and straps.This straightforward process can be completed at speeds of 5-10 welds per minute with only minimal skill and preparation needed. This makes thermocouple junction production and attachment incredibly economical.A high speed energy storage capacitor charges to the level set by the front control knob when energy is transferred to the unit’s internal circuitry during welding discharge cycles. A visual indicator alerts users when a cycle has been completed and another cycle can begin.The stored energy in a capacitor is proportional to its charge level; as you turn up the control knob, this level will rise accordingly. With more stored power at their disposal, users can begin welding cycles with this stored power.To prevent overheating, a circuit breaker safeguards against excessive current draw. Furthermore, an internal sounder alerts users when their unit is ready to begin a new cycle.In addition to creating freestanding beads, this unit can weld thermocouple wires onto supporting hardware and small gauge studs. It closes larger tubes than its standard counterpart while handling wire pairs up to #12 gauge. Furthermore, it’s ideal for wire harness strap spot welding and insulation blanket installation applications.The power range switch allows users to control the amount of thermal energy required for various wire sizes and types, ensuring consistent results every time.